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                                    FEEDBACK/ OUTCOMES

Listed below is feedback we have been given from youth and young adults regarding improvements they would like to see in their community and/or in the system (child welfare, probation, mental health, education). If you have any feedback, suggestions for solutions or know of other outcomes that have improved these issues listed, please send them to us at this link Contact Us  

Feedback: Increase the amount of activities in our community that are affordable for youth/ young adults.  

Brainstormed Solutions: Free or low cost events; create a sponsor program for low income/ youth in the system to pay for boys and girls club memberships, prom dresses, recreation club memberships, extracurricular activities, bowling passes, sun splash passes, transportation resources; better local automotives programs; radio controlled car drifting activities; a one- stop youth center in Placer County; groups where youth can get together with other youth with similar experiences to support each other.

Outcomes: Advocacy video created the summer of 2009 (see Videos); Battle of the Bands Event that showcased local resources May 2011.

Feedback: Reduce the stigma in the community for youth receiving child welfare, mental health and/or probation services.

Brainstormed Solutions: Education in the community around youth in the system, challenges they face, and common misconceptions.

Outcomes: Trainings provided that include stories of individuals who received system services. These trainings have been provided to Placer County Children's System of Care, Adult System of Care, foster parent trainings, Campaign for Community Wellness, and SMART Policy.   

Feedback: Help youth in placement understand their rights and what to do when they are violated.

Brainstormed Solutions: Make sure that all youth placed in Placer County receive a rights packet; do presentations on youth rights in placement for group homes, foster care agencies, social workers, probation officers, MH facilities (anyone who comes in contact with youth in placement); Find funding to update the rights packets with the new laws passed and make additional copies;

Outcomes: Creation of the You Have Rights Too! Packet.pdf that explains youth rights in placement no matter what system you are in (probation, mental health and/or child welfare) (See Rights Packet); Creation of an Advocacy Video in the summer of 2009 about youth rights in placement. (See Videos); Rights packets handed out in the Placer County Emergency Shelter, Juvenile Detention Facility. They have also been distributed to foster care agencies, foster youth services staff, social workers and probation officers; The “You Have Rights Too!” packet was awarded a national Gold ECCO award from SAMHSA in 2011. Check out the award in our Photo Gallery.

Feedback: Decrease the amount of abuse and maltreatment in placements. The group identified that they feel they are just moved from the placement where the abuse occurs and the issue doesn’t actually get resolved. Also, the moved placement goes onto the youth’s record and they feel like this makes them look like the one at fault. They said they feel it’s seen as just another failed placement.

Brainstormed Solutions: Inform youth in placement of their rights and what to do if they are violated.

Outcomes: See previous sections outcomes.

Feedback: Reduce the amount youth belongings that getting lost, stolen and/or broken in placements or moving between placements.

Brainstormed Solutions: Help provide suitcases for youth in the system; Work on providing better storage for youth belongings.


Feedback: Increase the amount of successful placements. When youth move too frequently it is a challenge to have consistent employment history, be successful in school as well as causes many other challenges for youth.

Brainstormed Solutions: More youth involvement in placement finding; Inform youth about their rights and what to do if they are violated; increase the amount of training for foster parents, family members and supports; Increase supports and resources for foster parents, family members and supports; improve recruitment strategies for foster parents; increase the amounty homes available for teens, increase the amount of foster homes in each school district; find funding for more family finding programs.

Outcomes: Current and former foster and probation youth created the PLACEMENT PLANNING WORKSHEET.pdf  in 2011 to help youth have more voice in the type of placement they move into; In 2011, Placer County Children's System of Care created a policy in partnership with the YES program. The policy states a Youth Coordinator will complete the Placement Planning Worksheet (PPW) with youth 12 or older, who may go to placement; Through direct service, Youth Coordinators have helped youth, looking for a placement, identify what they need in placement, call placement agencies and interview placement options to find a place to live that they feel they will be successful in.

Feedback: Increase the knowledge of what resources are available to youth when they exit the system and how to access them.

Brainstormed Solutions: Start a one-stop youth center where youth and young adults can access resources.

Outcomes: Youth Coordinators help youth/ young adults get linked up with resources on a one on one basis through direct support; We are also working with partners in the community to identify possible funding and opportunities to start a One-Stop Center for youth and young adults.

Feedback: Increase the amount of treatment programs in Placer County for dual diagnosis/ co- occurring youth/ young adults.

Brainstormed Solutions:


Feedback: Increase youth involvement in their case plans and treatment plans when they are involved in the system.  

Brainstormed Solutions:

Outcomes: Through direct service,Youth Coordinators help youth and young adults to have more understanding of and  involvement in createing/ editing these documents.


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  • "What did you like about having a Youth Coordinator? Extra help with applications and schooling and different stuff like that. "
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